Class Presentation:
General & Comparative Physiology
Biology 321

2016 Schedule

Date: April 6 - Wednesday Lab
Presenter Title of Presentation
Ashley Watson Small strokes: What's the big deal?"
Jess Rutana Echolocation and communication development in the big brown bat
Grayson Weatherford The flexible bull shark: an investigation into its euryhaline nature
Ty Weng The effect of environmental pH on the relationship between developing salamanders and their symbiotic algae
Bailey Pierson Physiological stress in koala populations
Josh Goodman Sex-differences in treadmill training mediated axon regeneration
Date: April 7 - Thursday Lab
Presenter Title of Presentation
Grace Moxley Peer pressure in the hive: The effect of a queen's presence on worker bee physiology and behavior
Amanda Gosine What's wrong with lil' Bub?
Brandon Caudill Coral bleaching: Physiological process, ecological disaster
Kola George It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a snake
Kaylene Passione The Bobtail Squid and its symbiotic bioluminescent bacteria
Cody Ashy

For fight or flight: The physiology of dog breeding

Mary Eaton Nudibranchs' stolen chemical defense
Savannah Fuller Mad pig disease: The physiological transfer of mad cow disease to pigs
Date: April 13 - Wednesday Lab
Presenter Title of Presentation
Matt Harberg Tardigrade survival of extreme conditions using anhydrobiosis
Emilee Hensel Color change in the male Chameleon Grasshopper, Kosciuscola tristis 
Jessie Wigley Extreme freeze tolerance of the Alaskan wood frog, Rana sylvatica
Veronica Weinberg How squids deter predators: Inking revealed
Marshill Mahan The role of the hypothalamus in resisting dehydration in the rodent Shaw's jird, Meriones shawi
Gabriella Santa Lucia Osmoregulation by juvenile brown-banded bamboo sharks, Chiloscyliium punctatum, in hypo- and hyper-saline waters
Amanda Nmair Directional swimming in box jellyfish
Maggie Waltrip Feline estrous cycle 
Date: April 14 - Thursday Lab
Presenter Title of Presentation
Trevor Stubbs-Stroud The effect of oxytocin on cocaine seeking behavior
Emi Landry Sleep and memory consolidation in honeybees
Carl Harris Livestock response to heat and solar radiation
Caroline Jackson Interspecies affection: It's all in your head
Dalena Huynh Adaptation vs. Wild: Surviving the desert by conserving water
Ash Phoenix I can't see color, but you can't see me: How octopi camouflage themselves despite colorblindness
Peighton Forbes What's the cost for torpor?
Bahr Rubenstein Seeing heat: Infrared detection in snakes