Grading Policy:
General & Comparative Physiology
Biology 321

There will be three hour exams and a cumulative final examination. Approximately one half of the final will count as the fourth hour exam and the remainder will cover the entire course. Since the final exam covers material representing the breadth of the course, an excellent performance on the final can boost a student's grade higher than the raw score would dictate. On the other hand, an excessively poor performance on the final exam could cause a student's final grade to be lower than the raw score would dictate. The grades will be weighted as follows.

Hour Exams    
  Lowest Grade 10
  Middle Grade 15
  Highest Grade 22
Final Exam (Cumulative)   23
Class Presentation   10
Laboratory   20
TOTAL   100%

The grading scale will be approximately as follows:

A = 85 - 100 %
B = 75 - 84%
C = 65 - 74%
D = 60 - 64%
F = <60%

Make-up Exams