Louis E. Burnett

Lou Burnett

Grice Marine Laboratory
205 Fort Johnson
Charleston, SC 29412

Office Hollings Marine Laboratory, H212H
Office Phone (843) 460-9877 (at Hollings Marine Lab)
Lab Phone (843) 460-9835 (at Hollings Marine Lab)
Fax (843) 953-9199
Email BurnettL@cofc.edu
Main Office, Grice (843) 953-9200

Current Positions/Affiliations

Professor Emeritus of Biology
President, Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology
Associate Editor, The Biological Bulletin
Editorial Board, Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology


B.S., College of William and Mary
Ph.D., University of South Carolina
Postdoctoral Research, University of Aarhus, Denmark

Research Interests

"How a shrimp on a treadmill became a Web sensation:
YouTube phenomenon is actually a serious experiment, scientists explain"

« "Today" show appearance featuring Shrimp on a treadmill with Lou Burnett and David Scholnick »

« Video of Lou Burnett and David Scholnick on "Today's Talk" second segment—Water Aerobics: Shrimp on a Treadmill »

Comparative physiology of respiration, ion and acid-base regulation in marine organisms; physiology of respiratory pigments; physiological adaptations associated with the transition from breathing water to breathing air; physiology of disease mechanisms especially as they relate to water quality.

shrimp on a treadmill crab on a treadmill